المؤلف Wm Hazem‏ في تحاليل طبية



Salmonella Typhi  (typhoid fever)

As demonstrate(    salmonella Ab against Ag (o-somatic, h-flagellar) in the blood)

Typhoid fever symptoms

High temperature-feel week –headache –gastroenteritis –diarrhia –loss of appetite.

Transported by

1.contaminated food ,drink by salmonella

2.Or relation with infected persons

Salmonella Typhi  have 4 antigen type carried in the blood

1-      Salmonella Typhi  O  (+ve mean Recent infection)

2-      Salmonella Typhi  H(+ve mean old infection)

3-      Salmonella  Para Typhi a (+ve mean carrier can infect other )

4-      Salmonella  Para Typhi b(+ve mean carrier can infect other )

Diagnosis of typhoid fever

1-WIDAL TEST IS serum agglutination test

(40µl serum+50µl reagent(drop))

  • -ve titre 1/80
  • If +ve make serial dilution test

Widal test is not accurate test

As salmonella have many species(  S.enteritides-S.typhimurium) so get false +ve result.

2-(The most accurate test for typhoid is the typhidot ),but not used as The antibodies for Salmonella Typhi  appear after 7-14 days .

3-Culture of blood

4-Culture of stool (as S.typhi produce H2S IN culture from thiosulphate)



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