R.B.C. has shape, a biconcave..WHY?

R.B.C. has shape, a biconcave..WHY?




Red blood cells, or erythrocytes, are biconcave for two reasons.


erythrocytes have no nucleus or internal membranes.

Second, erythrocytes

have an unusual cytoskeleton. All cells have a cytoskelet…on, which is made

out of long protein polymers, and gives cells their shape. The erythrocyte

cytoskeleton is a dense fibrous structure lining the whole cell and making

many contact points. The primary component of this lining is spectrin, a

long fibrous protein. The spectrin is attached to the membrane at many

points. Spectrin chains help to pull the red blood cell into its

characteristic shape, and allows them to squeeze through tiny capillaries.

Mice that have mutant spectrin have spherical red blood cells, which

illustrates the importance of spectrin in holding the appropriate shape of

the erythrocytes.


The binconcave shape of a red blood cell increases the cell’s surface area and facilitates diffusion of O2 and CO2 into or out of the cell.

The biconcave shape is caused when flowing through capillaries and narrow slits in the spleen.


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