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ببساطـــة الصورة رقم (5)



Anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) antibodies

Anti-GAD antibodies target an enzyme called Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase. This enzyme is responsible for converting glutamic acid to GABA,a chemical found in high concentrations in the cerebellum. It is believed that the lack of GABA results in cerebellar ataxia. Patients with cerebellar ataxia of an unknown cause should have an anti-GAD test. The anti-GAD antibodies have also been associated with a disease characterized by stiffness of the muscles, called “stiff person syndrome”. The stiff person syndrome and cerebellar ataxia do not necessarily occur together in patients with anti-GAD antibodies. Anti-GAD antibodies are particularly common in diabetes mellitus and autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis. The treatment for anti-GAD antibodies is corticosteroids or prednisone to reduce the abnormal immune response. If this is ineffective infusion of immunoglobulin intravenously (IVIG) or a procedure called plasma exchange can be used.

the Anti GAD Ab. is indication for the diagnosis of DM type 1 and it appears in the body in the early stage of the disease


HAM’s test or by another name acidification test , Use to diagnose paroxysmal nocturnal hemoblobinuria PNH.
(condition where an abnormal cell surface leads to the premature destruction of the cells) بالعربى لما تلاقى هيموجلوبين فى البول من غير كرات دم حمراء)
Principle of the test by acidification of blood measure any increase in the fragility of red blood cells when they are placed in mild acid
Positive mean PNH Positive


Add 50% of concentrated or 6 N HCl to the 24hrs urine container to maintain pH between 1.0 & 3.0


Quentiferon T.B Gold :عينة دم للمساعده فى تشخيص الدرن بأنواعه فى الاطفال والكبار ويعتبر
Good negative

ويمتاز عن التيوبركيولين بالاتى :
1- لا حاجه لحقن المريض بماده
2- لا تحدث مشاكل ف قراءة النتيجه
3- لا حاجه لمجىء المريض اكثر من مره
4- عدم اصابة المريض بحساسية او كدمات من الحقن


ببساطـــة الصورة رقم (4)


ببساطـــة الصورة رقم (4)
برعاية :
” سلسلة حلقات خد تحليلك ” + ” سلسلة حلقات المختصر المفيد ”
. برجاء الاجابة على نقطة واحده فقط لكل واحد .
Sama Sohag Capillary Blood Gas (CBG)
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Amin Gamal Amin Sama Sohag Noooo Try Again
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Sama Sohag OK
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Noura Darwish Capillary blood glucose
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Amin Gamal Amin No … try Again too
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Noura Darwish Amin Gamal Amin: heya included in clinical analysis walla in food analysis??
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عادل طايل Capillary blood glucose مش لاقى غيرها والنعمه
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Amin Gamal Amin Noura Darwish heya included !!! by what language you are speaking ?? aha ,,, heya= it and walla = or ???
whatever ,, its test in medical analysis
عادل طايل
its Very easy .. Twist your mind ..
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Noura Darwish Corticosteroid binding globulin (CBG)
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Sama Sohag منشط البلازمينوجين النسيجي او مادة التيبلاز (TPA – Alteplase
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Noura Darwish Corticosteroid binding globulin (CBG) is the carrier for glucocorticoids in plasma. The protein is believed to keep the steroids inactive and to regulate the amount of free hormone acting on target tissues (free hormone hypothesis)
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Amin Gamal Amin Noura Darwish finally ,,, your Ans. is true ,, but you must give us more information about it ,,, Come on ,, complete your Ans.
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Sama Sohag اهو علاج اهو بعدنا عن التحاليل
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Amin Gamal Amin Sama Sohag who said that your Answer is true ???
No it isnt ,,, try to think again its clinical lab. test .
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Menna Nazeem protein C and protein S are proteins make liquifaction for the blood. they interrupt the coagulation cascade
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Amin Gamal Amin No ,, Noura Darwish your Answer is Model Answer ,,thanQ .

im speaking with Sama Sohag ..
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Safaa Ali Bjp=Bence Jones protein
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Amin Gamal Amin Menna Nazeem Good answer but we need more explanation ,,

Safaa Ali Good Answer So Complete it
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Amany Menshawy protein S is a vitamin K-dependent plasma glycoprotein synthesized in the endothelium.
Protein S exists in two forms: a free form and a complex form bound to complement protein C4b-binding protein (C4BP).
function of Protein S is its role in the anti coagulation pathway, where it functions as a cofactor to Protein C in the inactivation of Factors Va and VIIIa. Only the free form has cofactor activity.
Protein S can bind to negatively charged phospholipids via the carboxylated GLA domain. This property allows Protein S to function in the removal of cells which are undergoing apoptosis. Apoptosis is a form of cell death that is used by the body to remove unwanted or damaged cells from tissues

Protein C, also known as autoprothrombin IIA and blood coagulation factor XIV,and
is a zymogenic (inactive) protein, the activated form of which plays an important role in regulating blood clotting, inflammation, cell death, and maintaining the permeability of blood vessel walls in humans and other animals.
The zymogenic form of protein C is a vitamin K-dependent glycoprotein that circulates in blood plasma.
The protein C zymogen is activated when it binds to thrombin.
Protein C is a major component in anticoagulation in the human body
And its synthesis occurs in the liver and begins with a single-chain precursor molecule.
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Safaa Ali A Bence Jones protein is a substance found in the urine of people with multiple myeloma, a disease where blood cells in the bone marrow become malignant, or cancerous. Bence Jones proteins may also be found in the urine in association with certain other cancers of the blood. .
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Amin Gamal Amin Amany Menshawy Good ,, but where is the Simplicity in your answer .. !!!
safaa ali Good Done thanQ .
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Amin Gamal Amin Menna Nazeem we want more information about Protein c & Prptein S to get the Full mark ,,
Safaa Ali thanQ again
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Randa Monir From google
A homocysteine
blood test is done to:
Help identify vitamin B12 deficiency or folic acid deficiency. But other tests for these deficiencies are available.
Help identify a rare inherited disease (homocystinuria) that causes a deficiency of one of several enzymes needed to convert food to energy.
Help determine a cause for otherwise unexplained blood clots.
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Amin Gamal Amin Randa Monir
Never mind ,, i wanted Answer from your mind ,, but Good Answer and thanQ for your search
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Mohammed Shedeed ببساطة يعنى شديدة protein c and s its componant of naturallay anti coagualnt + anti thrembin
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Mohammed Shedeed لازم شرح يعنى والله انا بنام حالا بس هاقول باختصار بردوة بنعمل ال بروتين سلى و اس علاشان الستات الحوامل طبعا علاشان الاجهاض ولو الشخص طبيعى فى كل حاجة طبعا لو عندة نزيف وعملنا كل ال coagulation profile لازم نفكر فى ال naturally anti coagulant لانها هايكون فيها نقص اكيد ودا باختصار شديد ومعزرا بقا
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Mohammed Shedeed حاجة تانية قبل منام خالص بقا protein c ” it is activated y thrombinan inactivate factor 5 and 8 and stimulate fibrinolysis
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Mohammed Shedeed protein c : A cofactor of protein c
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Mohammed Shedeed ثالث حاجة بقا فى المجموعةAntithrombin III : it is maniy an inhibitor of thrombin
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Amin Gamal Amin ThanQ very Much Mohammed Shedeed ..
Anyone else want to join us ?!!!.
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Gehad Ahmed CBG=corticosteroid-binding globulin.
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Amin Gamal Amin thanQ Gehad Ahmed but it is answered before !!!
you can give us an information about one of the following :
Lipoprotein a ,, or ,, Cardio CRP ,, or ,,, TPA ..
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Gehad Ahmed Our body’s lipids such as triglycerides and cholesterol are insoluble in circulating plasma (the fluid component of our blood.) In order to carry around these lipids, we must package them with proteins to make them dissolve in plasma. These proteins are called apolipoproteins.
Apolipoproteins + lipids together make up what is called a lipoprotein. Some well known lipoproteins are LDL and HDL. These apolipoproteins serve a variety of functions such as directing the lipoprotein to certain cells in the body or regulating enzymes to manage the packaged lipids. These proteins can also interact with other systems of the body that have nothing to do with lipid handling.

Lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a) is a specialized form of LDL. Not surprisingly it is made of LDL and an apolipoprotein designated (a). The exact benefit of Lp(a) is not clear but its potential bad effects have been studied. Lp(a) is similar in structure to a protein called plasminogen. Plasminogen is important in helping the body dissolve blood clots. Believe or not, our bodies are constantly making and dissolving microscopic blood clots in a delicate balance of two blood clotting systems. If Lp(a) competes for binding spots for this blood clot dissolver, the blood system balance may favor forming blood clots. Most heart attacks are caused by a blood clot in a heart artery at a site of atherosclerosis. Lp(a) may also stimulate our immune cells to deposit cholesterol into heart artery walls thereby promoting the development of atherosclerosis.

Higher levels of Lp(a) have been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you have a heart attack, higher Lp(a) levels are associated with a lower chance of survival. Furthermore, high Lp(a) levels seem to more significantly increase the risk of heart disease if you already have high LDL, low HDL, and/or high blood pressure. The main determinant of high Lp(a) levels is your genes and therefore there are some racial differences. African-Americans tend to have higher levels than Caucasians or East Asians. Lp(a) can be measured in the blood but it is not part of a routine lipid panel. A Lp(a) level less than 30mg/dl is considered normal.
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Amin Gamal Amin No ,,, Gehad Ahmed it isnt ,, anyway you answered your point so give the chance to another one .
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat very good doctors nice informations
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Amin Gamal Amin Sheren Alnagar Barakat your encouragements only isn’t enough just share with Answers
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat طيب بالراحه يا دكتور
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat Tissue plasminogen activator (abbreviated tPA or PLAT) is a protein involved in the breakdown of blood clots. It is a serine proteasefound on endothelial cells, the cells that line the blood vessels. As an enzyme, it catalyzes the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin, the major enzyme responsible for clot breakdown. Because it works on the clotting system, tPA is used in clinical medicine to treat embolic or thrombotic stroke. Use is contraindicated in hemorrhagic stroke and head trauma.

tPA may be manufactured using recombinant biotechnology techniques. tPA created this way may be referred to as recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtP
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Amin Gamal Amin No ,, in learning you must be tough So Answer now because your Answer isnt true ??
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat اوك قلي الصح ايه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
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Amin Gamal Amin No ,,, Im stingy in information ,, we will wait together
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Semsma Shahrazad شكرا على المعلومه اللى انا مش عارفاها ولسه معرفتهاش خلينا ننتظرwait together
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat genetics

Tissue plasminogen activator is a protein encoded by the PLAT gene, which is located on chromosome 8. The primary transcript produced by this gene undergoes alternative splicing, producing three distinct messenger RNAs.
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat Clinical applications

tPA is used in diseases that feature blood clots, such as pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, and stroke, in a medical treatment called thrombolysis. To be most effective in ischemic stroke, tPA must be administered as early as possible after the onset of symptoms. Protocol guidelines require its use intravenously within the first three hours of the event, after which its detriments may outweigh its benefits. They can either be administered systemically, in the case of acute myocardial infarction, acute ischemic stroke, and most cases of acute massive pulmonary embolism, or administered through an arterial catheter directly to the site of occlusion in the case of peripheral arterial thrombi and thrombi in the proximal deep veins of the leg.[1] The guideline in Ontario, Canada hospitals for ischemic strokes is that tPA must be given within 4.5 hours of the onset of symptoms.[citation needed] Because of this, only about 3% of patients qualify for this treatment, since most patients do not seek medical assistance quickly enough.[citation needed] In the United States, the window of administration used to be 3 hours from onset of symptoms, but the newer guidelines also recommend use up to 4.5 hours after symptom onset.[2] tPA appears to show benefit not only for large artery occlusions but also for lacunar strokes. Since tPA dissolves blood clots, there is risk of hemorrhage with its use.

tPA has also been given to patients with acute ischemic stroke above age 90 years old. Although a small fraction of patients 90 years and above treated with tPA for acute ischemic stroke recover, most patients have a poor 30-day functional outcome or die.[3] Nonagenarians may do as well as octogenarians following treatment with IV-tPA for acute ischemic stroke.[4] In addition, people with frostbite treated with tPA had fewer amputations than those not treated with tPA.[5] In tPA overdose, aminocaproic acid works as an antidote.
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat اللي عنده تعليق او اي معلومه غلط يعرفها للمجموعه بس بذوق
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Amin Gamal Amin برضــــه !! هى الطريقة مش باينه انى بهزر عشان بكتب بالانجليزى !!
عموما الـ TPA مش هو اللى حضرتك جاوبتيه .. واكيد هجاوب بس مدة المسابقة 3 أيام بستنى الناس كلها تشارك واللى يفضل انا بجاوبه بنفسى .
يمكن اللهجه بالانجليزى مش واضحة فيها نكهة الهزار .. .
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Sheren Alnagar Barakat قال تعالى:{ولو كنت فظا غليظ القلب لانفضوا من حولك}…………………..؟؟
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Amin Gamal Amin صدق الله العظيم :: بس أنا مش كدا خالص !!!.
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Semsma Shahrazad مزعله نفسك ليه د.شيرين ووضح يا د.امين بعد ازنك انك بتهزر عشان اللبس فى المعلومه ده لانه مش باين هزار ولا عربى ولا انجليزى
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Amin Gamal Amin وربنا هزهق !! حتى انتى ياسمسه !!
لبس ايه ؟؟ واذا كان على المعلومة اللى هتزعل منى الناس بلا سبب اهى :
TPA= Tissue Polypeptide Antigen
ويالا بقا هاتولنا معلومات عنه اذا بتريدو ..
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Semsma Shahrazad ههههههههههههههه يا دكتور احنا بنشم على دهر ايدينا هنعرف ازاى انك بتهزر بعدين انا معرفش اى حاجه من الاختصارات دى عايزه اعرفها عربى كل ما اشوف اجابة حد تقوله لسه لسه ينفع يعنى
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Semsma Shahrazad USCN


Tissue polypeptide antigen (TPA) is a circulating complex of polypeptide fragments from cytokeratins 8, 18 and 19. It is a tumour-related protein. TPA is an indicator of higher cell proliferation. One function of TP53 is the suppression of apoptosis. TP53 mutations are frequently correlated with tumour development in bladder cancer. One function of TP53 is the suppression of apoptosis. TPA is an indicator of higher cell proliferation.A series of tumor markers were found to be within normal limits except TPA, which was elevated three times above the upper normal limit. The presence of another primary tumor was excluded by history taking, physical examination, blood tests, and various radiological and nuclear imaging. Following two courses of chemotherapy, the patients skin condition improved, and her serum TPA level returned to normal. These findings suggest that serum TPA may prove to be clinically significant in a subset of patients with mycosis fungoides
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Amin Gamal Amin لا مينفعش صحيح !! المفروض انا انزل المسابقة من دول وف نفس ذات اللحظه انزل الاجابه ونتسابق بقا فى اللايكات !! مش انتو عاوزين كدا ؟؟ طاب ويبقا فين الحكمة من المسابقة اصلا ؟؟

والا هبقا : ” فظا غليظ القلب ” ..
وقليل الذوق كمااااااان ..

احنــــــا آسفين ياجروب
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Semsma Shahrazad مين قال قليل الذوق المهم ايه راى حضرتك فى اجابةTissue polypeptide antigen
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Noura Darwish
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Amin Gamal Amin مع انكو فصلتونى ونرفزتونى لكن :
thanQ Semsma Shahrazad your information is True
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Semsma Shahrazad الشكر لجوجل يا د انا اول مره اعرف الحاجات دى احنا اللى بنشكر حضرتك فعلا
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Raed Bakri متزعلش نفسك يا نينـــو
انت عارف ان ارضاء الناس جميعا غاية لا تدرك
وادى اجابة النقطة الاخيرة

} Cardio CRP {…See More
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Ghada Alhuwaiti المسابقه السؤال وبعضها الاجابه علطووول عشان الوقت وانجز واقلب ميش فاضيين ههههههههههه بهزر طبعا
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Amin Gamal Amin thanks my friend Raed Bakri your Ans. is eXceLenT ..
Ghada Alhuwaiti Ok i ll try ,, i promise .
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Ghada Alhuwaiti علي فكر د\ الهواري انا كنت بمزح ميش اكتر المسابقه جميله طبعا وبتدي باب مفتوح للبحث والمناقشه
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ببساطـــة الصورة رقم (3)


ببساطـــة الصورة رقم (3)
برعاية :
” سلسلة حلقات خد تحليلك ” + ” سلسلة حلقات المختصر المفيد ”
Amin Gamal Amin
الصفحة الرسمية للتحاليل الطبية
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Randa Monir على اد مااعرف عشان عدد المستعمرات مهم
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Amin Gamal Amin عموما عشان انتى اول مره تشاركى فى المسابقه فعتبر اجابتك صح وهكملهالك انا :

يجب استخدام اللوب العيارى فى تزريع عينات البول لمعرفة العدد الحقيقى للمستعمرات البكتيريه :
فمثلا :
عند استخدام لوب عيارى 1/500 مل وبعد العد وجدنا ان عدد المستعمرات 25 مستعمره اذن للحصول على العدد فى الملى نضرب وسطين ف طرفين هيطلع يساوى 12500 مستعمره / مل …
و ف حالة عدم استخدام لوب عيارى ؟؟؟؟ لايمكن الحصول على عدد دقيق للمستعمرات .
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Amany Menshawy • Sabouraud agar
Sabouraud agar is used to culture fungi and has a low pH that inhibits the growth of most bacteria; it also contains the antibiotic gentamicin to specifically inhibit the growth of Gram-negative bacteria.
دي اجابه السؤال التاني ياتري بقي صح ولا لا
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Amin Gamal Amin طبعا صح …
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Raed Bakri بص يا صــــــــــديقى :
الفرق بين الكيميائى والاخصائى :
الكيميائى :
هو اللى درس بكاليريوس فى الكيمياء او الكيمياء والبيولوجى
اخصائى التحاليل الطبية :
هو خريج علوم كيمياء او بيولوجى او طب او صيدله او بيطرى بالاضافه الى دراسات عليا مؤهله بالتحاليل الطبية وخبره مناسبه
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Rania Ashraf هي الحلقت دي موجود في فايل لان الصورة التانية مش لاقياها ؟
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Amin Gamal Amin يعنى الجــــــروب كله ميعرفش الفرق بين الـ Rh typing and phenotyping
دا حتى عيب والنعــــــــــــمه .
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Menna Nazeem RH typing is for blood group and RH phenotyping is Coombs’ test
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Amin Gamal Amin think again
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Amin Gamal Amin Im as HAWARY i will Answer my Ques. by myself .
Listen to me Carefully :
RH typing :
is usually indicated by Rh positive (Rh+ does have the D antigen) or Rh negative (Rh- does not have the D antigen) and determined by testing the patient red blood cells with Anti-D only.
RH phenotyping :
The Rh phenotype is determined by testing the patient red blood cells with the five standard antiserums: anti-D,
anti-C, anti-c , anti-E, and anti-e.
If the antigen to which the antiserum is directed is present, agglutination of the rbcs will occur. No agglutination of the rbcs indicates the absence of the antigen.
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ببساطة الصورة رقــم ( 2 )


Amin Gamal Aminتحاليل طبية
ببساطة الصورة رقــم ( 2 )
برعاية ” سلسلة حلقات خد تحليلك ” + ” سلسلة حلقات المختصر المفيد ”
اللى هيجاوب يجاوب عن نقطه واحده بس ..بلاش التكويش !!!
…See more
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Tamtam Ahmed marsa يتم وضع ديسكات المضادات الحيوية من مجموعة الميثاسلين جروب وهذا لمعرفة هل يتم عزل المريض ام لا
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معمل الزهراء homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistanceيقيس حساسيه الانسولين بالنسبه لمريض السكر
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Amin Gamal Amin التلات اجابات صح … بس فيه كلام كتير ممكن يتقال عن كل واحد فيهم
حد تانى بقا يزود … الا اونا الا دو …
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Islam Hafez واحشني كتييييير ياهواري
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Amin Gamal Amin وانت اكتر ياسلوم فاكر سكاشن البكتريا بتاعت حضرو السمير ياسنه تالته !!!!
.. وجاوب بقا الـ Double test
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Islam Hafez Double test = Triple Test – 1
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Amin Gamal Amin hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
صح طبعا هو انا اقدر اقول حاجه .. دا احنا بينا عيش وملح
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Islam Hafez عشان تعرفوا بس يامتعلمين يابتوع المدارس
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Noura Darwish Double Test: is a type of pregnancy test, used for screening abnormalities in unborn child………….NB: I googled it —
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Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan هو احنا عندنا بلاقي ال Double test عبارة عن Free- B-HCG و PAPP-A انا مش عارفة قوي لكن كنت بسأل الدكتورة قالت لي P إختصار pregnancy و الباقي في اختصار اسم التحليل. هتأكد ان شاء الله هأحاول أدور وأعرف معلومات وأتأكد له لسة تحليل جديد بشوفه عندنا
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Amin Gamal Amin تمام Marwa Asmaa
Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan
منتظر باقى الاجابات منكم .. ركزو شويه هتجيبو الحل
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Amany Menshawy HOMA-IR may constitute a useful method not only for diagnosing insulin resistance, but also for follow-up during the treatment of patients with type 2diabetes HOMA-IR = Glucose (mg/dL)) x Insulin (µU/mL) / 405 In this equation, one should use the constant 22.5 instead of 405 if the glucose is reported in mmol/L. Positive : HOMA-IR ≥ 2.5
Negative : HOMA-IR < 2.5
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Amany Menshawy MRSA :- refers to a type of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) these strains are resistant to methicillin and related pencillin and are difficult to treat because it is resistant to most common antibiotics. It is a common cause of hospital-acquired infections
Cultures are usually amixture of sensitive and resistant organisms
Although MRSA cannot be effectively treated with antibiotics such as methicillin, nafcillin, cephalosporin or penicillin, it can usually be treated with an antibiotic called vancomycin. Recently, however, a few strains of Staphylococcus aureus have even developed some degree of resistance to vancomycin. The vancomycin-resistant strains may be more difficult to treat. Newer antibiotics are being developed to address this problem.

Careful hand washing is the single most effective way to control spread of MRSA. Health care workers should wash their hands after contact with each patient. If the patient is known to have an MRSA infection, the health care worker should wear disposable gloves. Depending on the type of contact, a gown should also be worn. Patients must also wash their hands to avoid spreading the bacteria to others.
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Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan سألت الدكتورة النهاردة عن ال double test قالت لي إنه بيتعمل علشان تشوهات الحمل. وقالت لي جملة High risk value برضه مش عارفة فيه قوي. بس هو عبارة عن التحليلين دول Free-BHCG + PAPP- A معنديش معلومات أكتر بصراحة
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Noura Darwish Double Marker Test – A Type of Pregnancy Test

Pregnant women have to undergo lot of pregnancy test during pregnancy. Double marker test is one of such tests carried out during pregnancy. Double marker test helps to detect the abnormalities in the unborn child. Read on to know more about double marker test.

Today, there are so many tests available for pregnant women that sometimes it gets quite confusing. There is double marker test available for those who suffer from Down’s syndrome. In fact it is detection of pre-birth conditions of the fetus and is usually done after 14 weeks of pregnancy up to 20 weeks. This test detects any kind of chromosomal abnormalities that might occur after the conception occurs. This is not completely unusual as it occurs in every 700 births.

Characteristics of Down’s Syndrome

People who have Down syndrome have slight to severe abnormalities –

Eyes can incline upwards and outwards
A single crease can be seen running across the palm of the person
Small hands
Low set ears
Prone to certain medical conditions like heart problems, defects in the digestive tract and sight and hearing problems
Cause learning disability
Life span is less

Why Double Marker Test is Significant?

Today we have various tests available and with double marker test you can detect whether Down’s syndrome is present in your unborn or not. This is important for a woman if she gets pregnant after 35. The probability of having a baby with chromosomal imbalance or Down’s syndrome is likely for elderly pregnant women. It is advisable that all pregnant women should go through this test so that she is sure that the baby is completely normal.

There are different screening tests available in various hospitals. One of the tests is carried out in 14 weeks of pregnancy and the other in 20 weeks. These tests are either separate or combination of an ultrasound and blood test. However, these are simply screening tests and will tell you how high your risk is and nothing else. You will come to know whether the baby you are carrying in your womb will have Down’s syndrome or not.

There has been lot of debates regarding the accuracy of these tests. However, they are considered pretty accurate and are referred by the doctors as well. The accuracy also depends on how good the sonography machine is and how talented and trained the test conductor is. In fact there are so many factors that matter that it is very difficult to tell the exact calculation and report.

Furthermore, the reality is that we have got a chance to know whether or not our child is completely normal. So why not go through it to ensure precautions?

Advantages of Double Marker Test

It gives you time to think and consult your doctor for another advanced test if your baby is detected with Down’s syndrome.

You can go through the diagnostic test if double marker tests turn positive.

You have good detection rates.

If your fetus is reported positive after the screening test and you go for a diagnostic test finding it to be true, you can go for pregnancy termination. If this test is done earlier the complications of termination will be less and you can even choose to end your pregnancy through suction termination.

Disadvantages of Double Marker Test

It is expensive and unaffordable for many.

It is available in selected cities only.

If you find that the double marker test is available and you would like to get it done, it is better you consult your gynecologist before you do so. Ask your doctor as many questions as you want to undergo the test when assured.
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Noura Darwish @Dr.Amin Gamal Amin: I want to know more abou this test. please if u have more info post it ***thank U .
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Amin Gamal Amin ماشاء الله على كومنتات أتنين :
Marwa Asmaa و Amany Menshawy .
اجابات تستحق تقدير إمتيااااااز مع مرتبة الشرف .
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Amin Gamal Amin امــا

chemist eman Ahmed sarhan
هى دكتورتك دى خريجة ايـــه ؟؟؟
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Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan دكتورة بكلية طب
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Amin Gamal Amin ربنا يوفقك معاها بس حاولى ماتعتمديش على سؤالك لها بس .. دبلومة بقا ف البيو هتظبط معانا .. ولا الحوجه للدكتورة
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Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan مانا معايا دبلومة يا دكتور وبعمل ماستر بس هبدأ إن شاء الله والرسالة هشتغل على ال Liver cancer
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Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan بس الدراسة من زمان وعدم الشغل فترة فمعلومات كتيرة ضايعة فبحاول أسأل معلومة على الماشي لأي تحليل يجي قدامي. لأن بتيجي لنا تحاليل كتيرة وكلها معنديش معلومات عنها كتيرة
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Amin Gamal Amin ماستر !!!
دبلومة !!!
liver Cancer !!!
احمـــــــــــــــــــــدك يارب … كدا انا اتطمنت خلاص
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Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan والدكتورة بجد مش بتقصر معانا فبحاول أسألها دايما
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Chemist Eman Ahmed Sarhan خير يا دكتور على ايه أنا عارفة إن معلوماتي قليلة جدا والله

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Amin Gamal Aminتحاليل طبية
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برعاية ” سلسلة حلقات خد تحليلك ” + ” سلسلة حلقات المختصر المفيد ”
طالما الوقفة اتأجلت نشوف مصلحتنا بقا :

*** Come on my Friends ***
Amin Gamal Amin
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Hussien Elsman حمد لله على السلامه نورت الجروب
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Amin Gamal Amin تسلم يادكتور حسين ::
عموما اللى ذاكر من اليورن من كتاب مونيكا هيعرف يجاوب وبسهوله ويسر
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Sahar Al Leel ياجماعة جاوبونى على سؤالى اللى سالته بالجروب اخدمونى مرة ياجماعة
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Amin Gamal Amin ايه سؤالك ::: ثم جاوبنى اجاوبك
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Sahar Al Leel سؤالى موجودع الجروب وبالنسبه لسؤالك انا اعرف انو الخميرة بتدى لمعة تحت الفيلد هوا دا اللى انا عرفه
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Amin Gamal Amin تمام بس انا عاوز دليل علمى وقاطع يفرقهم عن بعضتشيهم .
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Sahar Al Leel امممممممم اسمع منك قول انتا بئى
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Heba Atef yeast cells usually show budding
RBC، red or yellow color and appear as biconcave disks
Gloves Powder ، like Starch Granules , polygonal in shape, colorless,have a circular or Y-shaped “dot” in the center.
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Amin Gamal Amin دا الوصف وممكن نفرق بيه كناس خبرة كبيرة لكن واحد زى حالاتى عاوز حاجات اسهل
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Heba Atef like what , u asked about the diff under microscope
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Rania Ashraf انا هقول زي مابعرفها وانا لسة في اول المشوار الييست متفرعة زي الشجرة وال دم ليها دابل وول الجلافز بقا مش عارفة
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Amin Gamal Amin كمبتدئة تمام … نشوف بقا الباقى ولا الناس ساكته ليه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
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DrShaimaa Abdelsalam ضيف اسيتك اسد لو فرقعت اى تلاشت تكون كرات دم حمراء لو فضلت تكون زى مهىا تكون yeast
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DrShaimaa Abdelsalam add acetic acied make rupture to RBCs
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Amin Gamal Amin برافو عليكى يادكتورة شيماء … كدا انتى جبتى الاجابة الصح
سيبى بقا الفرق بين الخميره وبودرة الجوانتى لحد تانى
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Zainab Sayed بنضيف نقطة يود ونلاقي بودرة الجوانتي تحولت للون الازرق الغامق
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Amin Gamal Amin ياسلام ياسلاااااااااااام … والله اعلق واصفق … بارك الله فيكى يادكتور كدا تمام …
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Rania Ashraf ياريت يا دكتور تعملنا حاجات من دي علطول عشان نتعلم اكتر الي لسة في البداية
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Amin Gamal Amin اذن الاجابه هى :
نضع نقطه من حمض الاسيتيك المخفف على العينه تحت الكفر
ستنفجر كرات الدم الحمراء وتبقا الyeast .
ثم نضع نقطة يود فستتلون بودرة الجوانتى باللون الازرق المسود وتبقا الـ Yeast .
السؤال بقا ::::
ليه كرات الدم الحمراء انفجرت ؟؟؟؟
وليه بودرة الجوانتى اتلونت باللون الازرق ؟؟؟
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Zainab Sayed وحشتنا مسابقاتك الجميلة دي والله يا دكتور . بارك الله فيك
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Zainab Sayed كرات الدم الحمرا انفجرت لان حصلها هيموليسيس . وبودرة الجوانتي خدت اللون اللون الازرق لانها عبارة عن نشا
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Amin Gamal Amin ايوه يادكتوره حصلها هيمولوسيس ليه ؟؟؟؟ ومتجاوبيش انتى بقا اما نشوف باقى الناس ….. عاوز حد جديد بقا
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Rain Bow كملو الاجابه بقا عشان اكمل كتااااااابه ههههههه
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Amin Gamal Amin طاب خدى السؤال دا ولما تذاكرى ابقى قوليلى اجابته :
هل الــ C.S.F يحتوى على normal flora ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
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DrShaimaa Abdelsalam احنا كده بنقول ان ان كرات الدم الحمرا موجوده فى وسط hypotonic هيتسبب فى تفجيرها وخروج الهيموجلوبين
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Amin Gamal Amin حد يأكد اجابة الدكتورة شيماء قبل مااجاوب انا ؟؟؟؟
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Gehad Ahmed الrbcsحتبقي hypertonic في وجود الحمض فالسائل اللي جواها حيخرج وتنفجر
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Amin Gamal Amin الله اعلم طبعا بكل شىء :
بس خليكى واثقه ف نفسك وقولى الاجابه بصوت عالى حتى لو غلط :
طالما In public يبقا So what !!!
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Islam Hafez فعلا لاوم الاجابة تكون بصوت عال اا اعرف واحد حط NaOH في السحاحة وخالف كل السكشن وجواب بصوت عالي وطلع هو اللي صح …. حبيبي اامين

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